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Laurens de Knijff

Steeped in data-driven development, Laurens has a rigorous and analytical approach to product management. As a leader, he understands how to focus on the benefits—and avoiding common pitfalls—of using experiments and quantified metrics to create better products, He'll cut through everyday hype and noise to find the principal signals that will move your project forward. You can trust on his storytelling skills and humor to build a common understanding with the team, stakeholders and other decision-makers, so that the changes he initiates, will make a lasting impact.


product management, data-driven development, leading creative teams.

Three things Laurens worked on:

Laurens is uniquely systematic for such a creative thinker. He has a great love for clarity, and is thus able to bring people and plans together in such a way that it works.—Erik van Heeswijk, CEO Smart Octo

Other clients/employers:

Rotterdam Partners, Public Broadcasters VPRO & NPO, Elsevier, PublicSpaces

Side projects:

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