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Antoine Demmenie

As a greybeard in developing digital products, Antoine brings a wealth of experience and a down-to-earth approach to every product team he leads. He aims to avoid busywork, focusing on solving the real problems at hand as fast as the team can manage, often a bit faster. To deliver agreed results, Antoine will challenge whatever status quo there might be, discuss any elephant in the room and do whatever it takes—with a good sense of what is reasonable and desirable in a specific organization. He has a good eye for team dynamics and never avoids potentially awkward conversations if he believes there’s room for professional growth. As a full-stack product manager, he enjoys working with all kinds of teams, on every part of the product in any type of organization—as long as he can go fast!


product management, agile methodologies, data-driven development, strategy development

Three things Antoine worked on:

Antoine is the most professional product manager I’ve ever met. He immediately placed the customer first and kept asking questions until the business value was clear to everyone. We have learned a lot from him and he has taken our product management profession to a higher level. Thank you for your unsweetened professional contribution.—Justin Schlee, Chief Strategy Officer ANVA

Other clients/employers:

ANVA, Wolters Kluwer, T-Mobile, Schiphol Airport, Heineken, ING, GGD Amsterdam, Philips, Royal Bank of Scotland, ABN AMRO Bank, Cap Gemini