If you don't know
where you're heading
call a captain.

Kirk & Blackbeard

A storm is coming
The digital era is forcing companies to adapt more swiftly to the needs of their customers. New skills are needed. To manage. To deliver great products and services. To grow your business.

Grow a pair
Strategy, culture, product: We make digital growth an exciting and energetic process. With tangible results. Where everyone can contribute to the progress by being part of it.

We are captains with a pirate mentality
The people that will supercharge your team with knowledge, energy and all experience necessary for a radical shape shift. Because what brought you here won’t get you to your next destination.
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Storm is coming,
call the captain.

Some of our clients

  • Schiphol Group
  • Buma Stemra
  • NPO
  • Schiphol Group
  • RELX
  • KNSB

Strategy, culture, product
First we determine your growth potential, together with your people. Then we set the course for the future. Together we kickstart a culture for building great digital products your customers love to use.