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David Linssen

David is a 100% bullshit-free leader, committed to making real and lasting success happen. As a leader, he always makes sure to gain a deep understanding of the domain in order to consistently deliver high-quality results. Once he has that deep understanding, he uses it to elevate your organization instead of hitting you on the head with it. David loves facilitating through unorthodox means, creating a safe environment for creativity and experimentation. Expect to find yourself acting out a user need. David always makes sure that his team has the positive energy to make magical things happen. Even if it's a hell of a job, he makes it look heavenly easy to accomplish.


interim leadership, product management, online/marketing/digital/IT strategy development, facilitation, executive coaching.

Three things David worked on:

David is a fantastic captain. The way he navigates digital transformation projects through dangerous waters is off this planet. The rigor, force and expertise he brings in, helped me and many client teams to get the impossible done. He has an exquisite nose for highly talented people that help push any project beyond expectations and results. His critical thinking and pirate attitude make working with David an incredible delight. I would love to be on his team on any project because while it might be challenging, it's gonna be great fun at the same time. Sign me up, skipper.—Jonne Kuyt, Director of Design and Innovation Edenspiekermann

Other clients/employers:

KRO, AVRO, DutchView, CMI, KNSB, Schiphol, Vereniging Eigen Huis, BumaStemra, The Lancet, Cell Press, Timing, Arbor Media.